I'm a software engineer and interested in End-to-End Image Security, Task Automation, UI Compatibility Testing, Automated Software Analysis, and other various challenges in mobile systems.



  • Software Engineer II (Feb ‘23 – Present)
  • Design and build features of Yahoo Mail for Android

Breeding, Startup in South Korea

  • CTO/Founding member (May ‘20 – Jul ‘21)
  • The first non-face-to-face platform service that connects dog owners and trainers
  • Designed an app service and a business model

University at Buffalo, The State University of New York

  • Research Assistant
    • Ph.D., RMS Lab (Aug ‘18 – Jan ‘23)
    • Undergraduate, RMS Lab (May ‘16 – Aug ‘17)
  • Teaching Assistant
    • CSE486/586: Distributed Systems (Jan ‘20 – May ‘21)
    • CSE421/521: Operating Systems (Aug ‘17 – May ‘18)


University at Buffalo, The State University of New York

  • Ph.D. in Computer Science and Engineering (Aug ‘17 – Jan ‘23)
  • B.S. in Computer Science (Aug ‘11 – May ‘17)
    • Magna Cum Laude
    • Summer ‘12: Study Abroad Program at Yonsei University in South Korea
    • Jun ‘13 – Mar ‘15: Served Military Service in Republic of Korea


  1. “Rushmore: Securely Displaying Static and Animated Images Using TrustZone”, MobiSys '21 - Link
    • Chang Min Park, Donghwi Kim, Deepesh Veersen Sidhwani, Andrew Fuchs, Arnob Paul, Sung­Ju Lee, Karthik Dantu, and Stevn Y. Ko
  2. “Gesto: Mapping UI Events to Gestures and Voice”, EICS '19 PACM-HCI '19 - Link
    • Chang Min Park, Taeyeon Ki, Ali Ben Ali, Nikhil Sunil Pawar, Karthik Dantu, Steven Y. Ko, and Lukasz Ziarek
    • Best Paper Honorable Mention
  3. “Mimic: UI Compatibility Testing System for Android Apps”, ICSE '19 - Link
    • Taeyeon Ki, Chang Min Park, Karthik Dantu, Stevn Y. Ko, and Lukasz Ziarek
  4. “Reptor: Enabling API Virtualization on Android for Platform Openness”, MobiSys '17 - Link
    • Taeyeon Ki, Alexander Simeonov, Bhavika Pravin Jain, Chang Min Park, Keshav Sharma, Karthik Dantu, Stevn Y. Ko, and Lukasz Ziarek

  Awards & Grants

  • Excellence Award with $80,000 Grant in K-­Startup (ChungChung) Contest in South Korea (Nov ‘20)
  • Top Award in Youth Startup Awards, Youth and Future Corporation in South Korea (Oct ‘20)
  • Pre-­Startup Package with $50,000 Grant, Ministry of SMEs and Startups in South Korea (Sep ‘20)
  • Second Place in CSE PhD Poster Competition, University at Buffalo (Dec ‘19)
  • Best Paper Honorable Mention Award, EICS (Jun ‘19)
  • SEAS Dean’s Fellowship, University at Buffalo (‘17)
  • CSE Undergraduate Award for Research, University at Buffalo (May ‘17)
  • Dean’s List, University at Buffalo (‘12)